Annie Street

Austin musicians Lindsey Verrill and Dan Grissom moved into their tumbledown duplex on Annie Street in 2006, and because Lindsey played music and Dan painted, they decided to call themselves the Annie Street Arts Collective.

Seven years later, the name fits. Their band—Some Say Leland—rehearses in their living room every Wednesday night, they host performances on a homemade stage in their backyard, and they’ve become known for the secret shows they put on in unusual outdoor locations around the city—in parks and abandoned buildings, sometimes underneath bridges. Most infamously, they invited audiences to crawl into a downtown sewer duct during SXSW a few years back. “The acoustics down there are amazing,” says Verrill.

I shot and produced these videos about the Annie Street Arts Collective for the Austin Music Map. The first gives you a glimpse at what their secret shows are like, the second introduces Dan and Lindsey and what they do.

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